Book Event

$120* includes the following:

  • 3 days of fun, starting from 3pm Tuesday April 11th to noon Wednesday
  • boat from El Nido (possibly also Coron, based on demand) to get on and off the island, including airport pickup
  • DJs and live music
  • all you can eat healthy veggie eating with fresh coconuts and seafood
  • sleep in tent
  • a boat tour of the local area, with caves, old Spanish fortress, cliff diving and snorkeling in the clearest waters in the world
  • free yoga lessons

HOWEVER, the demand is not yet high enough to organise all of the above, but you can come anytime to my beach, just across from Bolina island and where I have a powerful music system with tons of musical instruments. For days around the full moon the skies are lit up majestic and we always have music around the fire.

Accommodation is from 300p a night (100 if you have your own tent), delicious vegetarian and seafood cuisine for 250p a day, including all the fresh coconuts you want.

You can contact me below for more details.